Xperience United

For the liberal adults

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What is it?

Xperience United is a meeting place for swingers and other sexually liberal adults. With this service you can meet other like-minded people, find sexy parties and other group meetings.

Why Xperience United?

Genuine people. With the authentications from other members fake profiles are spotted and removed quickly from the site.

Active members. You see when the members have been active last time. Members also continuesly produce status updates, new photos and other activities that makes the site interesting.

Privacy. We are aware that members need to protect their privacy varies a lot. You can define excactly who will get to see your activities.

Openness. On the other hand we want to give members the opportunity to highlight their openness when they feel like it. For example you can define your new tasteful photo to be available for everyone to see.

Smart content. On the basis of the profile information you have filled out you can see primarily only content that you are interested in.

The control is in your hands. Too much or too little contacts? With adjusting the spam filter you can control the amount of contacts you get. Not interested in some members activity or maybe somebody interests you even more? You can define a specific member whos activities interest you more or you can define whos activities you don't want to see.

Filter members Tinder-style. When browsing through members you can "reject" or "accept" a profile. If the opposite profile also accepts you, you can start chatting freely. It's a subtle way to express your interest without contacting all the members separately.

Events and other members' activities. Take part in the events and follow where the other members meet.